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West Bridgford Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Services for All Vehicles In The Nottinghamshire Area

Wheel alignment, also known as tracking, is the procedure that ensures that your vehicle operates well and the damage on your tyres is reduced. Regularly, it’s referred to as tracking and the single aim of this procedure is to ensure your motor vehicle continues to be positioned as it was when it was released from the manufacturing facility. We have acquired innovative alignment technology that has allowed us to supply not just specific but also low-priced wheel alignment solution for all brand names of vehicles and their versions.

Inappropriate alignment of your tires will certainly set you up for handling issues and escalate your tyres rate of damage. Ultimately, the life of your tyres can end up declining by up to 30%.

Enhanced Miles Per Gallon (MPG)

When the rolling resistance declines, MPG increases. However, wheel alignment seeks to fix that. Each of the 4 wheels of your automobile will be set to be parallel and the tyres pumped up with correct amount of air. By doing this, the rolling resistance will definitely be greatly minimalized.

When you take your automobile for tyre change, have them examined for just about any evidence of wear. If they are spotted outside and/or within its shoulders, that’s an indication that the wheels were not aligned properly.

Better Auto Handling In West Bridgford.

Ever experienced any of the following?
  • Your automobile pulling to one side.
  • The steering wheel shaking.
  • Needing to constantly adjust the steering wheel to keep your automobile when driving in a straight line.

Whenever any of these situations pop up, see that as a clear warning of your vehicle alignment problems. Fortunately, wheel alignment can fix all these regrettable situations. Road shock is successfully managed when you have all your system components aligned properly.


We continue to use a system trusted across the UK due to its consistency in supplying exact and precise results when it comes down to wheel alignment. The system is complemented by skilled professionals who are able to identify the required modifications needed to return your vehicle back to its default state as established by the its maker. In addition to that, the system can also point out camber or caster problems.

Just how It Functions.

Here’s the procedure for vehicles fitted with non-adjustable back suspensions:

Step 1: The system captures the angle readings in all the 4 wheels.

Step 2: Your car’s steering is centered.

Step 3: Front wheels get referenced to the back thrust line then they are adjusted to requirements.

Outcome: Your automobile’s steering is centred and all the wheels made parallel.

For automobiles that have adjustable back suspensions, here are the steps:.

Step 1: Angle readings are captured in all the wheels.

Step 2: Rear wheels are adjusted to specs (note that the back thrust line is consistent with the vehicle centerline).

Step 3: Steering wheel centring is performed.

Step 4: Front wheels get referenced to the back thrust line then they are adjusted to specification.

Outcome: All the 4 wheels are made parallel and positioned straight ahead. Centring of the steering wheel is achieved.

Tyre Fitting & Wheel Balancing Service

You may be wondering if we offer this solution. The answer is yes. We do. Expect other solutions like tyre disposal and brand-new valve as well. Our moderate-priced quotes will consist of all these services. You can also bring your car immediately and we’ll fix the problems swiftly.

Our customers come from all over town =

Top Class Customer Service

Our team believe that our growth comes from caring for our clients. Our team strive to become as customer friendly as possible, from free price quotes to free professional advice. We know how difficult it may be when your car and truck or work vehicle is experiencing technical problems and we always do our best to eliminate the anxiety and stress and take care of the issue.

The next occasion you really need help with your car or truck, feel free to give us a call and try our first-rate professional service.